Automotive Grills and Grow Trays at Logan Laboratories

Geoffrey Logan is the founder and in-charge of Logan Laboratories, which is a full-service custom vacuum thermoforming company. We believe in our integrity and we never compromise on the quality of our manufacturing services.

We create standard inventory and custom parts, and we have been doing this for more than 20 years now.

At Logan Laboratories, we work wholeheartedly on each project, and finish work within the given time, because we appreciate that you rely on us.

Our focus has always been on automotive grills and accessories, which allow you to take your daily driver and make it into your dream car. On the other side of the spectrum, we create customer grow trays for home gardens. But while we specialize in these areas, our work is not limited to any industry.

We can make anything you could possibly think of. Contact us for any custom accessories or parts.


Committed To Quality

 Logan Laboratories focuses on providing the best quality. 



 Our core value of integrity permeates all levels of our company. 


Providing Best Service

 Along with providing the best service, we also deliver our work on time.